Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dieting and Jesus

Warrior Dash, 2012 (Michigan)

Ok, perhaps I'm click-baiting a bit with a title like that, but it really is where my train of thought went today as I started my morning as I made breakfast.

This time of the year is the busiest for me at work, and this year is the busiest I've ever had, and this week was the peak. Unfortunately, it's not a sharp peak, so I may be up here gazing at the clouds for a bit ... but I digress.

I made a decision today to stop destroying my body with lack of exercise and nutrition. I'm not changing anything radical, just going to choose a healthy lifestyle. I know ... I've said that before ... but this still is not the point of my post so forget my past failures (I have).

I then started to think about my body in general, and the expression(s) "You've taken ___ years off my life!". Sometimes said in jest when my children scare the goobers out of me, or sometimes quietly I say it to myself when I get on the scale, or examine my food intake.

But really, our bodies are not entirely like that are they? Yes, there are exceptions, but as I think about the amazing design of His creation I find it fascinating how our bodies actual heal. Cell regeneration, organs that remove and flush toxins out of our body ... it's all quite fascinating how we actually heal ourselves. We certainly can do damage, and some heal in areas that others don't. However as I eat my breakfast I'm refreshed by the idea that it's not "too late" to start eating healthy. It's not "too late" to give my body time to heal, recover, and rebuild. It's "too late" to become a runner again.

And then there is Jesus ...

It's never too late to walk up to the Healer of Healers and stand redeemed. Broken, bruised, nearly destroyed ... He still regenerates us. We are never too far gone. I pray it's closer to your next breath than last breath ... but may you breath out and profess a Name; a Name above all Names, that will breath life into you.

Already have? Then take a moment to refresh yourself of that Name. Find a quiet corner in your house, or take a moment in the shower alone ... smile ... you are a child of the One True King!


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