Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Patterns

Have you ever given a gift, offered a hand, or done something for someone else and were met with silence, lack of thanks, or disregard? I understand we do things for others without expecting affirmation, but how does it make you feel? Do you ever take others for granted? I sometimes find myself doing so with God. Yesterday as I look down at my quickly eaten lunch between meetings, the thought occurred to me; I didn't even thank God.

It's not about being legalistic, it's about being selfish. Not a single meal, day, or gift do I want to take for granted. The real problem I had was not this meal, but a pattern I've noticed over the past couple weeks. Yes, I'm busy, but who isn't? All the more reason to take a moment, breathe, relax, and converse with my Lord ...

Tomorrow is my birthday; what a wonderful time to begin a new pattern of focusing on my blessings and being thankful.


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