Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Feeling Complete

I have had some pretty incredible moments in my life, and many of us share similar moments. Meeting our spouse for the first time, getting married, having children, or specific vacation memories that come to mind are just some of the common ones. We of course have those other beautiful moments that we tend to remember as well that perhaps may be more specific to our life. Additionally other moments such as getting that first job, promotion, or having the courage to change fields and find something new stand out in our minds. Still yet others like purchasing our first car, or house, boat, or even cottage stand out.

I've shared a lot of those moments, and others, but they never left me feeling like my life was now complete. Even with marriage and children, while by far almost at the top of my list, didn't leave an eternal feeling of lacking nothing. I was now in union with my wife, and starting a family, something that certainly completed many aspects of my life, but it didn't seal my purpose in this world.

I was quite successful at many things. Made good money at an early age, met a great woman and a beautiful girl to start a family with, always had a stable job, a loving family, and friends. I spent money on things that I wanted, enjoyed the things that my eyes desired, and lived life in the ways that society in general told me I should. On paper, I had it good. Sure, I could always use a little more, but that's what everyone wants right? Just a little more ...

I even remember a few times laughing (but only half joking), pointing at myself in the mirror and saying: "You da man!" Embarrassing? Sure, use it to make fun of me, don't care. However my point was simply that I thought I had it all (regardless if I did or not).

Yet in those quiet moments of life, when I was honest, I did have secret fears of my sand castles tumbling down. Failure. Wife, kids, job, money ... health, especially health. After all, dying would suck. I had so much left to do!

Then ... somehow ... (get your mouse ready to click the 'x') ... through unexpected ways, I met someone; Jesus Christ.

I was thinking just the other day that while I certainly don't exactly want to be hit by a bus, I feel ... complete. My life is complete. I do have much I want to do. Some of it worldly (watching my kids grow up, growing old with my wife, and exploring this world), and some of it for His Kingdom (I'm excited to see what He places on my heart as this journey continues to grow).

There will always be bills to pay, kids to challenge you, those that criticize you, and fires to go through, but do you feel complete? My goofy mind sometimes thinks that: "If I say I'm complete, then I'll get hit by that bus!"

No ... not complete in the sense that I have nothing left to do in this world, just complete in the sense that I now lack nothing.

I lack nothing. Christ is mine, and I am His.

I lack nothing.

I am complete.

And now I sit here with a smile ...
"And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. (James 1:4 ESV)"

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