Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Self Portrait

What and unbelievable mess we make sometimes don't we?

I took this picture earlier today as my wife went to harvest a few carrots from the garden for a dinner I was going to make. Of course it looked funny, crazy, and well worth a fun cell phone shot to share to the world on facebook!

However, little did I know that laying in my bed hours later, kids sleeping, wife out with some friends, that He would tell me ... "Self Portrait"

Why my self portrait? Well, let's just say today didn't go as I had planned. The power of prayer is amazing, and a powerful weapon against the enemy, and we need never leave our guard down.

I woke up, looked out the window at the incredible view, and thought, what a relaxing day this is going to be. Wonderful weather, my car should be sold soon, and an evening with the kids and their dad. It was in that moment I made a mistake that would vault most of my day away from Him and spin it out of control. I walked away from His throne without even saying good morning ... something rather out of character for me ... and boy did I pay.

Long story short, my car didn't start; though thankfully I ended up getting it resolved, however not before I experienced a comedy of errors. However I let the frustration of those events control me; not Him. I was rude to my dad, pretending to be interested in the buyers friendly conversation, and illustrated to my family via attitude that a frustrating day is allowed to make you grumpy and short. It was not a God honoring day for me; but at least I had my WWJD bracelet on (looking for the lightning bolt)

Though I suppose I need to walk away here with a lesson learned; I can do nothing without Him. Through it all He was still kind ... loving ... and now I welcome the conviction. It is that kindness of His that is meant to lead us to repentance (Romans 2:4). If you'll excuse me, I got some explaining to do with my Lord ...

May He bless you with conviction; and may you bless Him back with repentance.

Another flawed, yet joyful, brother in Christ,


Margie said...

great post! we do make a mess... and I'm so thankful that God takes that mess, and makes it a message :)

Kristael said...

Amen Matt, thank you for sharing His truth and peace in the World lov ya!
God Bless

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