Monday, May 15, 2017

Three Great Questions

Not my own original idea, but often when I sit down with my wife or children for conversations I ask three simple questions ... 
  1. Ups?
  2. Downs?
  3. Where have you seen God?
In case what I assume to be clear is not, the questions simply ask: Over the past few days or week (depending on when we got together last) what in your life has been an "up" for you? Victories, exciting events, something neat that happened, etc. Additionally, what has recently brought you down? Challenges, hurt, relationship struggles, whatever it may be. Finally, where have you seen God? Not in a general sense, but personally; how has He shown up in your life? Let's share!

I find it a great conversation starter that not only sparks good topics, but has been fabulous for keeping the door open on things in our life that we needlessly burden ourselves with and not allow others a blessing by coming along side us in our struggles. It also gives great opportunity for praise to see where God is moving in each other's lives - and can be highly encouraging.

This weekend while camping the questions came up again with my children around the campfire, including the topic of my blog. They know I write (more often than I do now) and something struck me ...

Often I've struggled to answer question #3, the most important one. As pious as one can be, our faith can be lost in our devout study without time taken not only to apply, but to reflect. For me, my blog has almost always been an application based on a reflection that was given to me - often times very minor but profound. (i.e. seeing a nail on the ground in the parking lot).

I think I've been missing that reflection time ... 

Yes, I can study more, read more, converse more (pray) with God, and even apply far better His commands to my life than I am doing now ... but I've really missed so many opportunities to reflect on every day circumstances - something this blog has helped me do.

When actively writing I could tell you often throughout the week "Where I have seen God" - but lately, while I know He is there, seeing Him as often as I would like has been missed in the business of life.

So - I shall go back to writing more ... it causes me to intentionally reflect, see, and note things in my daily life that point back to Him ... I'm excited to see where He will take me as I strive to be on His Path, Daily ...


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