Thursday, June 30, 2016

From Blah to Blessings

So today has been kind of a blah day ... not bad, just blah ...

Work was blah, lunch was blah, had a headache for a bit so that was blah, came home early to help watch my daughter who was feeling blah, and watched my wife and oldest daughter head to Secretary of State and all the frustration that came with that which was blah. My dinner was blah and since I was hanging out with my little one I really didn't get to get outside and tackle what I wanted to do (nor get a walk/run/bike in) which also made me feel blah.

*Looks at FitBit* ... 5400 steps ... blah ...

Now you're probably feeling blah after reading that!

Usually when I feel blah, it sort of leads to a downward spiral of blah ... even in my relationship with God. I sort of hunker in a metaphorical corner, savoring all my introvert-ness and isolation and am surprised that my icky quiet corner of space didn't make me feel better. It's supposed to recharge me! Why isn't it working like that?

But today?

Today ... I decided to grab my laptop ... my Bible ... and see what He says about my blah (maybe it's Greek for something) day ... this isn't post-de-blah-ness, this is right in the middle of it all so let's see what we can learn together. Real time bloggin y'all ...

BTW, did you know boring isn't in the Bible?

Anyway ... let's try something else. I feel like being washed over in a Psalm ... they (usually David) tend to express emotions pretty openly like I do. Many shout praises, but many also are pouring out depression, anger, fear ... all with an underlining knowledge that He is in control.

Hmm ... funny I should mention that. That's really where all this blah is from isn't it? Not being in control? Work, lunch, sickness, errands, chores, etc. Things just didn't go the way I had planned.

Planned ... a plan ...

Well this isn't a Psalm ... but here ... there's a lot of backdrop to this story, but nonetheless:

“And you, Solomon my son, know the God of your father and serve him with a whole heart and with a willing mind, for the LORD searches all hearts and understands every plan and thought. If you seek him, he will be found by you, but if you forsake him, he will cast you off forever.
1 Chronicles 28:9 ESV

Know God
Serve God
Seek God
[and you will] Find God

Well, I would say I know Him ... I may not understand His will all the time, but I do know Him.

... and He knows me ... *big smile* ... but I digress ...

Serve Him? Well, at this particular moment when I read that word (serve) I immediately thought of the alternate, to serve sin; serve my flesh. Sitting here with you (well, you eventually) right now reminds me of one of the few good choices I made today. I chose God over my sulking in my metaphorical corner, or worse. I served Him and not my flesh ... and sin ... and by doing that very thing, I naturally begin the journey of seeking Him.

*another smile* ... OK, we do have to pause now ... and maybe when these words reach you, perhaps you can do the same ... I need to sit with Him for a bit in prayer. BRB ... AFK ... whatever ... I'll be back in a bit (though for you, just the next line!)


God is just ... refreshing. A well of living water indeed!

I was reminded what author Shelley Hitz said in one of her books about faith. She has a beautiful view of Pikes Peak that she sees most every morning. Each time she looks out at that beautiful work of art and takes it in ... except for one morning in particular. Likely not the first time, but sometimes it takes things a while before it hits you. Through the overcast, clouds, and poor visibility ... out her window ... Pikes Peak ... was gone. Then she realized, and simply but profoundly stated:
Just because I couldn't see Pikes Peak that morning, didn't mean it was no longer there.

Shelley Hits
How often do we feel distant from God in our blah times? Are we staring at the clouds, or seeing beyond them with eyes of faith? Are we letting life and daily routine so eclipse our view of God that we live like He's not right there beside us? God doesn't change ... but our view of Him certainly does. Perhaps not in word, but certainly in action.

I was also reminded of community, and how we really need others who call on His name around us. For me, in this quiet time, it is the communion of saints that have gone before us, or even books from others like Shelley that remind us we are on a journey together. With all the bad press that social media sometimes gets, it can still be a great tool to reach out, and draw in, when we seek the right sources. We need community, not isolation.

I was also reminded of how many blessings my day was full of, and how many everyday things I perhaps (ok, very much so) take for granted. From my job, my family, my security, and even God.

Know Him ... Serve Him ... Seek Him ...

... and you will find Him indeed!

Blessings friends


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