Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How Facebook is Breaking Me

Over the past year or so I have taken breaks from social media, and Facebook in particular, on a fairly regular basis. It has ranged from a day to a couple weeks - though the frequency has been increasing as of late, and I frankly am not sure how much longer I will remain tied to the 1 billion plus people actively using Facebook daily.

That's a staggering number isn't it?

So then why leave? Despite the noise that Facebook sometimes creates (that we all see I'm sure) it's such a great tool for being connecting to so many people, sharing life, and even in my case, the Light to the world that is my Christian faith. What a huge mission field right? Additionally, there are people that I would likely never communicate with again if I left this giant tool of connectivity. So why even leave?

There are many reasons - but in a nutshell, I read less, write less, sleep less, and my creativity is stunted and replaced with something much more lazy and easy like thumbing through my phone or device.

It's destroying me and who I used to be; it's not making me nor my quality of life any better. In addition, it's a tool that puts our highlight reel of life out there for others to read, and allows the very natural human desire to compare harm and stunt myself and others from embracing our own journey and contentment in Him.

Are there many individuals that use it that aren't affected by some of the things I mention? Of course! However, it is my belief that many who say so are in denial or are ignorant to the real impact it's making in their life.

When I share these thoughts the responses I usually get are:

  1. Defensive: "I don't use it that much and it's not a problem for me."
  2. Offensive: "Well, then just stop using it so much - don't blame social media!"

I'm not blaming social media, it's a tool that is designed almost perfectly for what it is intended to do; I'm blaming myself.

Plus, as a Christian, these words always come to mind ...

One of the great uses of Twitter and Facebook will be to prove at the Last Day that prayerlessness was not from lack of time.
John Piper

I could also replace prayerlessness with serving. Facebook is designed about being self-centric and it's doing a fantastic job at that.

So what do I do? In a way this is rather silly is it not? It's Facebook - just leave right? It's no big deal. Perhaps some may even say this post is narcissistic in nature ... but that is far from my intent. As always, perhaps my struggle and transparency may help someone else who happens to stumble upon this page that is struggling with the same.

I pray that I can wait 14 days, and that the pull and addiction to be connected to others (in a mostly superficial way) is surpassed by the pull to be connected to Him and others in a more personal way. I would love to do both, but both my personality and recent history have shown that at least for now, I don't know how to balance that. So I choose Him.

In case you feel the same, here's the link.


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Matthew Gasperoni said...

Well, the thing I keep forgetting is that removing my account also removes pictures for my family, memories from the past as my children have been growing, and the ability to use Messenger ... so ... not like you're following my life story, but in case you are curious *smile* ... I decided to 'attempt' staying by removing FB from my mobile devices (leaving Messenger which ironically I'm now thankful it's separated) allowing me to log on my PC to catch up with people if I really want to (which I do far less and is much more inconvenient) ... without the ability to thumb through my device during every quick break I think it will mitigate much of my issues ... we'll see ... I still feel torn ... though it my tangible relationships with Him and others does not grow, and my life is sucked back into the mundane and eternally useless ... I think I may need to revert again ... love and blessings ~Matthew

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