Monday, May 9, 2016

An Open Letter to Ford Motor Company

Taking a brief detour from my usual topics, I thought I would use this medium to share an open letter from my mother to Ford Motor Company.

I had never owned a brand new car.
It was December 2011 and I was going to be 66 on New Year’s Eve.
I went into Roy O’Brien Ford Dealership, sat down with a salesperson
and literally described the car of my dreams.
I wanted a Taurus – a red Taurus.
I wanted a Taurus because I read the reviews, I talked to informed people,
and I believed it to be the safest car on the road.
Weeks later I drove away with a 2012 Ford Taurus Limited -
Red Candy Metallic w/white leather interior, sun roof, heated/cooled seats,
rear sun shade – and SYNC.
We had her undercarriage rustproofed, and we had her pinstriped by the dealership.
Jim Galli, who did the pinstriping, was a true artist
and has since died from cancer.
We “secretly” named our Taurus Rory.
Rory is an animated red racing car
that our three-year-old grandson loved to watch on Saturday mornings.
I am telling you all of this because I want you to visualize this car,
not only as a classic example of what the Taurus could be,
but as part of a family’s life, providing safety, comfort, and pride.
She never went without a regular tune up or a full tank of gas.
And she never went anywhere without a car wash.

On January 30, 2016 my husband and I were attending a birthday party
at Mr. Paul’s Chop House in Roseville.
We left the party somewhere around 11:30 pm.
Witnesses say we were hit by a police car
that was racing down Grosebeck without lights or a siren.
Apparently the officer was on a call.
We were hit broadside, between the driver’s door and the passenger door.
We were spun around and ended up in the left lane of oncoming traffic.
I understand that the sound of the crash was bone chilling.
However, inside the car we were wrapped in a cushion of white
that covered us and blocked the view from our side windows.
We called out to each other, but someone else was shouting as well.
“You have been hit!  Do you want me to call 911”?
Over and over again the recording kept repeating itself.
We were dazed, and it took us several seconds to realize
that the voice we were hearing was the SYNC.
My husband turned off the ignition and the recording stopped.
We sat there, in this surreal situation,
and realized that we were both unharmed.
It was a miracle.
By the Grace of God and the engineering genius
of side air bags in our Taurus – we were both unharmed.
Even more surreal, I was not afraid.
I had no idea what was going on around me.
I heard the sirens and saw flashing lights through the windshield,
yet, inside the car we were somehow still being protected.

I stood on the curb in front of the restaurant
and watched them tow Rory away.
I was remembering how insistent I had been on owning this Taurus.
Even in the dark, her red candy color shone like a shiny red apple!
She was going back to Roy O’Brien where she belonged.
It is only right that they make the decision.
It is hard for me to think she can’t be saved – after saving us.

I wish my grandson was still three years old.
Such a magical age where nothing is impossible.
I would walk him into that bump shop on those short little legs.
I’d let go of his hand so he could walk right up
to his beautiful race car, look right into those headlights and say,
“You have to get better Rory!”
(and those mechanics would make her better) J

I would like to thank Ford Motor Company for designing vehicles to save lives.  Without the side air bags on our Taurus my husband would not be here today, and I would probably still be in the hospital.  We have always been a Ford family.  Our children and grandchildren own Ford cars.  You are not just a company - you are a family as well.  God bless the good work you do, and God bless your family.


Karen Gasperoni
Harper Woods, Michigan

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