Tuesday, December 15, 2015

But you say ...

Reading through Malachi there was a recurring theme that resulted in man questioning the accusations or comments made from God. This pattern of God observing something and the people asking in reply for examples reminded me of myself. How often do I perhaps defend accusations in hopes to be found innocent, and instead lose the opportunity to confess, learn, and grow.

"But you say ..."
How have you loved us? (1:2)
How have we despised your name? (1:6)
How have we polluted you? (1:7)
Why does he not [regard our offerings]? (2:14)
How have we wearied him? (2:17)
How shall we return? (3:7)
How have we robbed you? (3:8)
How have we spoken against you? (3:13)

Perhaps a frozen ice slide is a slippery slope that can produce much joy, but questioning God is a slippery slope that will ultimately produce quite the opposite of joy.

The next time we feel God tugging at our heart, trying to get our attention, and perhaps place on us a conviction that needs to be brought into the light; may we not dismiss it with excuses. May we not ask God to prove Himself. May we not attempt to hide behind our sin with ignorance (James 4:17).

Better yet, before our Lord needs to speak to us regarding our wandering hearts, perhaps we can take the initiative. Perhaps each night ... tonight ... you and I simply ask God to reveal where we have not loved Him.

A comment to a coworker, a reaction to a family member, a dishonest statement, the time we were going to make with Him that never happened, ignoring a need, giving her a second glance ...

We need not ask Him if we have fallen short, but simply where and when.

May we confess, repent, and grow.


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