Friday, June 19, 2015

Toothbrush Thoughts

  • Yes this is a tile wall
  • Yes this is in a shower
  • Yes this is my shower
  • Yes that's a decision tree
  • Yes that's a poor representation of a decision tree, but it fit my tiles and my thoughts for today so well ... anyway ... now that that's out of the way, let's continue ... ;)

I'm about to give you a small glimpse into my mind. I apologize in advance for any therapy needs that this may create. It's not my intention to hurt your brain, just a thought that came to mind. I felt I should share more of these, as after all, His Path, Daily is indeed an opportunity for me to share how God is active in my life on a daily basis.

In the shower? Yes ... now stop the tangents ... focus.

Oh look, shiny bunny ...

So I'm sitting here brushing my teeth in the shower; OK, standing. And I start thinking about my teeth, dental hygiene, yada yada and my mind starts to wander to the past. I pondered orthodontist appointments when I was a kid ... and then I remembered extractions. Not the most glorious thought, but whatever, it's in the past. Then I started thinking that I should visit the dentist again soon (sometime in the next few years probably, right?) ... anyway ... remembering past cleanings, xrays, and then the thought of wisdom teeth came to mind! Because of my earlier extractions, and recent visits to the dentist, I was told that I may not need removals because I may have just enough room ... but what if I didn't?!

Then my mind went to the procedure ... and anesthesia ... local? general? Oh boy, I've never had general anesthesia! What if I am sleeping and I still feel pain like some of those terrible stories! *chokes on toothpaste* ... Or what if I go to sleep and ... well ... ah!

Brushing my teeth is scary!

OK, perhaps not. However my point drifts back up to my photo. I stared at the tile wall and imagined a decision tree on the wall. I was reminded that I am pondering something not only in the future, but something that may not even happen. I imagined each square being a decision tree going forward, and was reminded that God doesn't want us to leave the future to Him because He wants us to be in the dark, but so we can remain in the light. Worry, anxiety, and wanting control over things in the future does not do well for our flesh, soul, and even those around us as we react to these negative thoughts.

And friends, this I know I am not alone on.

You may be thinking that this post is about as unoriginal as they come. Don't worry about the future. You've heard it so many times. Of course you have ... but I think you need to hear it every day, I know I do.

Perhaps when I jump in the shower next time, I won't see a decision tree with spider webs ahead of me, but rather a neat list of choices in front of me; for today.

So what do you need to think about ... today?

Just make those decisions ... and when we brush our teeth, or brush off yesterday, we can freshly look with proper focus on the present.

And for the best part? God isn't just holding our future ... He's with you holding your present.


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