Thursday, June 18, 2015

Oh Donuts!

My blog, His Path, Daily, is more than a tool I use to share my reflection time in His Word. For me, I want to return (or perhaps restructure) my ponderings into what that title, and often my mantra, really means; a daily awareness of how God is involved in my life. When I come across something that strikes me in Scripture, or an encouraging word that I want to share, I certainly will. However I hope that I get more than just readers, I want you to know me; and perhaps through our virtual or in-person conversations, I can get to know you as well.

I consider my readers friends, brothers, and sisters. I want this to be a table-side chat, not a silent lecture. I want my daily victories, struggles, and questions to be shared so that we can encourage each other. Life was not meant to live alone.

So anyway, back to my life ...

If you're a parent like me, I can't encourage you enough to make time for your children in a personal way. While I wish I would have done more of this earlier, I can at least be thankful for what I am doing now. I've always been an active and present dad, and enjoyed various trips and activities with the children, but we have a tradition that started that I think has blessed me more than them.

For over 2 years now I have kept mornings open for donuts and a chat at our local bakery with my children before work. Each one has their own day. 7AM is a bit early, but most of the time they awake with eagerness to spend time together and grab a bite to eat! My oldest, a senior in high-school when we started, and now busy with work, life, and school, wasn't often part of it unfortunately; and my youngest, just now 4 years old, has just started this hopefully long-term tradition.

You'll find me a few days a week early in the morning with the kids at our local donut shop sharing conversation, Scripture, laughs, and sugar! I try to stick to a wheat bagel and coffee, because 3 days at a donut shop a week can get pretty dangerous!! :)

2+ Years of Going Looney for Donuts!
Another cool thing we're looking forward to is taking my middle two children (13 and 9) to the TobyMac concert in October! My daughter, so passionate for Christ and Music both, I'm sure will be blown away. My son, while reserved a bit in his personality, I think will very much enjoy himself. I think he will love to see so much excitement for God in one large area. He, like me of my youth, tends to bottle up some emotions in lieu of showing them. I pray that this will break that shell a bit and he can taste and see how Good He is indeed! :)

Being Intentional,

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