Thursday, February 12, 2015

Today's Prayer

The past few days have been a bit challenging for me; spiritually, physically, and emotionally. I sit here thankfully able take some time this evening to recharge and recenter. As I do so I am reminded about all the light around me. The opportunity to work, the people I interface with, the smiles on the faces of my children, the uplifting and supportive nature of my wife, the privileges I have not only in this world and country, but the simple privileges I have in my home, like heat. So much ...

It's not just "being positive". It's a decision to quench His Spirit (1 Thess 5:19) of love, power, and self-control; or fan It into flame.  With a word, gesture, comment, or action, I can spread more of His light, or I can cast a shadow over It ... so tonight ... I just pray.

Father, grant me the strength to see You not only in me, but in my midst.
May I fan into flame through your Spirit the beauty and power of the Gospel.
May I represent you at work, home, and in the community in a way that shines your Light.
Let me never forget who I am, and Whose I am.
Thank you for loving me, so that I can share that love with others.
Strengthen me.
Increase my Faith.
Let me be an instrument of Your will.


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