Friday, November 29, 2013

Different Perspectives


As a parent, I care for my children, feed them, pick up after them, take them to the doctors, watch after their hygiene, teach them, lead them, protect them, and pray for them. I cry with them, laugh with them, and sometimes just listen to them. I hug them, kiss them, share love and guidance with them, and more often that I wish was necessary, I apologize to them. I tell them that they are loved, and even beyond the capacity of how I know how to love, they are loved so much more by God.

Yet as children, sometimes they seem to measure our love by how we respond to their requests and wishes beyond what we do to care for them. Even if we see something past their sight, and make judgement calls based on our wisdom and what we feel is best, we are sometimes looked on with frustrated glances, emotional outbursts, and possibly even rejection. Even some of the most healthy and loving relationships have moments of frustration, confusion, and doubt.
Our relationship with our heavenly Father is sadly similar.
We seem to cry out to God when we feel overburdened with life, as if we are waiting for Him to show up. Yet in truth, He was and is always there.
Oh how much He cares for us beyond what we seem to measure from our requests. How often He is judged, misunderstood, and even rejected because these supplications (however reasonable they may seem) are not met. I pray this Thanksgiving season that you are blessed with the opportunity to reflect on His amazing care for us even when our requests seem to be unheard.

They are heard. And you are loved.

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Marie Rose said...

Good one. "As children", either in age, or spiritual growth, I believe, we all measure love by what we receive from/get out of it to some extent. As we grow in life, and faith, I think we experience love instead, by our capacity to give, and accept. Our egos can take a hit sometimes, I think, when we act in what we believe to be the best interest of those we love; and only catch grief for it. But even that is a lesson in and of itself. Do we really need praise, and accolades for our devotion to our families and/or vocations and/or faith? Or is it enough to serve, and practice our faith through our acceptance of and devotion to our families, faith, and vocations? Also, I think it's important not to compare too closely being a parent to being God. There is a lot to be learned from our children as well, and perhaps, as you are seemingly experiencing, our children, or God, acting through our children, can teach us more than we may feel we're teaching them from time to time!

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