Sunday, August 4, 2013

Throttling Up ...

This photo (courtesy of my wife on her recent trip to see a friend) was likely taken during this short flight's cruising altitude. The takeoff routine and all the checklist items were now done, and since landing is still in the future, the present state is filled with ... well ... just maintaining.

I feel like Spiritually the last 60 days for me has been my 38,000 feet; my cruising altitude.
Unfortunately I don't say that in a soaring high kind of way. I unfortunately mean that my Spiritual life has lacked growth, commitment, and sadly obedience. This type of life in fact is hardly cruising with the jets rocking and rolling, but more like a gentle glide ... downward.

As a husband and father, I could tell you of some wonderful success stories. These past 60 days have been wonderful in many areas. However I've neglected my own relationship with my Father, and even myself.

Work clearly has been a factor, not an excuse, but a factor. I've always done well, even with a busy schedule, to maintain a healthy balance; not so much these last few months. I've not been in His Word on a regular basis, I've lost a good running cadence, and I've lacked on my nutrition terribly. Spiritually, Physically, and Nutritionally I've sat back and acted like the years of hard work would keep the engines going strong. I know better.

Besides, the stronger my relationship is with Him, the better I am as a husband and father anyway.

Thankfully though, the Lord is not just forgiving, but encouraging. So many times I have felt His loving call on my heart, as He has tried to penetrate the thick wall of "stuff" surrounding me. He makes me smile, laugh, and feel His peace each time I even think upon Him!

I have always prayed above all else that He simply keeps calling me to Himself, and the desire to be close to Him is something that has never left me. Why I struggle to carve out the time is crazy, but the desire is always strong, and for that, I am eternally thankful.

So as I wake up from a bit of a slumber, and look forward to getting back on His Path, Daily I suggest you take a look at your altimeter as well. Perhaps you lost some altitude, and this cruise control you thought you had on was more of a slow descending glide. If so, you're not alone ... but let's make the next decision a right one ... and let's do it together.

Throttling Up ...


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