Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Leap of Faith?

I've often heard the call of Abram (in Genesis 12) described as Abram's leap of faith, and his great trust in God. While I don't mean to correct any of that, I just see something even greater.

The story is "not" God commanding Abram to move, and Abram obeying and moving. Not? Yes, not. The middle part is awfully important.

I will show you (v1)
I will make you (v2)
I will bless you (v3/4)

Then he packs up and leaves. A "leap of faith", or very simple trust in God and an amazing blessing of ears to hear Him fully? God didn't leave him wondering of an outcome. Were the full plans disclosed, not entirely. However isn't it enough to simply know that He will show you, make you, and bless you? Who cares about the rest?

I wonder how many times I felt His Spirit stirring in my heart and I only listened long enough to hear just a part of His message. I wonder if I missed not only His calling, but His words of encouragement and promise. Perhaps many of these leaps of faith in our life are not leaps into a dark unknown, but into a very bright and safe place.

I guess that's why it's a journey with a lamp at our feet, not a blindfolded game of hopscotch.

I need to stop playing hopscotch ...

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My Life as a Mom said...

Oh, I too only hear part of what He says. And how much I miss out on when I do that! Good stuff here!

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