Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Law & Order

When I think of law and order (not the show, but the concept in general) I think of judges, police officers, and other individuals who keep the peace via methods of stopping crime and enforcing punishment. I certainly see other areas of law and order that are far less strict, however in a general sense, this is the picture I paint in my head. Likewise, God keeps order too, and does so in many ways. Yet when I look to God regarding law and order through His Word, I see one thing first and foremost; joy.

Reading through the eighth chapter of Nehemiah illustrates this well. After the rebuilding phase, Ezra read to the people the law of the LORD. Their response? Great rejoicing! Day by day the Law was read, and during this time, they were filled with joy! Law and order brought joy.

I decided to visit Psalm 119 after reading this, the longest Psalm, as speaks of this very topic. I love the words that come out on the page as I read verse after verse of how the author views God's law. They are commands, precepts, laws, but they bring this author to pen some incredible descriptions of this "law and order" that God put in motion. Here are just some of the words used to describe God's Word in this Psalm:
Sweeter than Honey
A Shield
These are not just distant words, from a distant author, from a distant God, out of touch and in the past. This is of a God active in my own life personally. I sat down feeling exhausted, short, and scattered from days of a difficult schedule. Thirty minutes later I feel alive, recharged, peaceful, and full of direction. His Word is amazing indeed.

My life should not be Law and Order, Matt Edition. The world tells me that escaping the bondage of my faith will result in freedom, liberation, and excitement! I tried that; fail. Life with Him is absolutely complete. I know the other side, and I'm glad to be home.

I am enjoying this Law and Order as my cup overflows; and not with gold and riches, but with peace. Something far more valuable ...

Enjoying the freedom that is in Christ
Your statutes have been my songs
in the house of my sojourning.
(Psalm 119:54 ESV)

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Donna Schultz said...

As I read your words I kept thinking, the Word does all that and more, because it's ALIVE! (Hebrews 4:12)

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