Thursday, July 19, 2012


Cathan in Chicago was able to build at LegoLand a structure that withstood 5 earthquakes! OK, well it was a motorized platform that shook his tower, but you get my point! He had a good foundation. Did the color of the bricks matter? No. Could other towers be built to withstand that shake? Sure; with a good foundation.

So what about me? What are some of my foundation bricks that while some try to convince me otherwise, I just can't reasonably remove?

  • To me the idea of a creator using intelligent design makes sense.
  • To me the resurrection of Jesus happened and is supported.
  • To me the story of the Bible is sound and consistent.
  • To me the Holy Spirit has guided me in ways beyond description.
  • To me Jesus is Who He says He is based on His life, the prophesy, and His miracles.

So where does that leave me? A God that makes sense, His Spirit guiding me, His Son dying for me, and His Word and will in my hands.

So where do I go from here?

I take that Book, that instruction manual for my life, and sit down with my Father and build something unshakable.

The more I go down this road, the more I study, the more I research, the more I open my eyes (not close them) the more this rock of a foundation is built. I know too much to go back ...


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Karen @ My Party of Five said...

Isn't it cool that no matter what comes your way...for me, it was the death of my sister...things may shake hard, but you can always get back to that foundation. Things may never make sense, but you know that someone else has it all under control...

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