Monday, May 14, 2012

Burned Out

Many thoughts enter my head when I see this neglected and abandoned old church. Let me be clear in stating I don't know the story behind this place, or what led to its end, but I do know stories that create places that look like this. As leaders in our areas of influence, whether it is a stay at home mom, a corporate executive, a missionary, or a pastor in the suburbs; our responsibility is to raise up other leaders for the future generation. We should be instilling our values in the ones we influence, so that when our time is done, we have helped encourage another to leadership. Too often I think pride and being in control can lead us to hold our gifts as leaders to ourselves, so that our vision dies with us.
 "and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." (2 Timothy 2:2 ESV)
This verse clearly is talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teachings of Paul to Timothy and his commission for him. However I think it offers a glimpse into true leadership in general. It pushes me to ask myself, what kind of leader am I? At work, at home, and in the church?

I don't often write about work, but lately it has been a big struggle. I haven't felt like this in years, and I am having a difficult time finding my balance. I used to love what I did for a living, and I want to feel that way again. Yet I am beginning to realize that it is not so much the task, as how I choose to do the task, which defines my enjoyment. I know my comment may seem trite to some, yet I truly think that attitude defines how I will enjoy my day.

Is it demanding? Incredibly. Am I feeling burned out? Yes.

Yet when I look at this church, the building may be crumbling, but the Truth it reads still remains. I have a choice to pick up the rubble, rest in Him, and begin again. I can choose to eagerly look for those to support my workload, and teach and train them, or clutch tight to the stress and let it bring me crashing down.

I have some great ideas for what I can offer my employer, and I know that they would be willing to listen and support them. I heard one time that "your best employees burn out first". The explanation was due to the fact that your 'best employees' may be the harder working ones and thus will end up taking on too much. However, while there may be reasons to leave a position and company, I would say that your 'best employees' are the ones better at not letting themselves burn out to begin with. Your 'best employees' know their limits and function better as an individual and employee. Your 'best employees' are your true leaders.

What kind of leader am I?

May I learn from my Leader ... the One mentioned and read on a building that is crumbling yet still proclaims Truth. He is one Leader worth following ...


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StrongNHim said...

Something I say often is "Keep on truckin"

It is silly, but true. We have to keep going, even in the long hours of darkness.

I hope you feel more energetic about it all soon.

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