Sunday, June 12, 2011

"But when He" moments

Moments come and go; much like the perfect sunset. If you're there at the right time, right place, you can experience something spectacular.

As I was reading through the first chapter of Galatians last night, I got to the part where Paul was explaining his calling to the people. How as a youth he excelled in his faith, hung tight to his Jewish teachings, and persecuted the church of God. Then in verse 15, at least the way ESV translates it, he starts by saying ...

"But when He ..." (speaking of God)

I'm not after translation variants, or word studies here. In fact, it really doesn't even matter how your translation starts this verse. My point is much more high level than that; in fact, it's a question.

I started asking myself: How many 'but when He' moments have I had in my life?

How many times was I about to make a decision when He stepped in?
How many times was I about to open my mouth when He spoke to me first?
How many times was I about to have that thought when He interceded?

The questions aren't complete until I make my choice. He can intercede, He can speak, He can step in, but ultimately I need to choose His path, not mine.

I found that if I looked, He was everywhere. In almost all decisions I can recall, He was present, guiding me, loving me, speaking to me. I have 'but when He' moments all the time. Perhaps another way of looking at this would be His perspective towards me.

"When Matthew heard me, he ... "

I what? Obeyed? Ignored?

May I continue to recognize His whispers in my life and have the courage to obey, so that I can experience something spectacular!

Learning Obedience,

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StrongNHim said...

I read this yesterday, but didn't have the chance to comment. Thank you for the post... it was great. I will have to read over that passage again to refresh. I love every moment that I finally identify His presence in it. It makes me feel so good to feel Him with me, guiding me, teaching me... even if I only recognize it afterward.

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