Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Skating with Him

As I was rollerskating with my family (and friends) this past Saturday, it occurred to me that it's much like my journey with Christ. You see, the devil is trying to keep me off the rink, saying things like "don't do that", "you can't do that", "don't you enjoy yourself", "worry about this", etc.

All the while, Jesus is just skating around on the track. Waiting for me to join Him.

When I do, I grab his arm and we have the most amazing time! I don't need to get off the track, in fact I can stay on there forever. The best part is that the enemy can't get "on" the track, he is restricted.

Christ keeps him away; he's just a spectator, with so many others.

It's when I take those breaks, sit down for a minute, have a breather, that he's all over me again. Clawing at me to stay off the track and remain in the crowd. The reality is that he's scared of what happens if I get back on the track ...

The better that I get to know Him, the more joy that fills my life. The better I get at skating, the more fun it becomes. After all, in the beginning it was work. Often seemed like something I had to do, out of obedience. I needed to learn how to skate. There were times I fell, and I felt arms picking me up, it must have been Him right? Anyway ...

Then He begins showing me more skills, tricks, ways to dance, and celebrate while I'm out there with Him. The better I get, the less breathers I end up taking. I just want to "get back out there". I want to stay on the track; I don't want to get off.

What a beautiful picture that the devil has to wait outside the track to get me. After all, in the presence of Christ there is no fear, no enemy.

I see myself smiling more, and my struggles seem to be less impactful. In multiple areas of my life I have found the desire to once and for all say "I'm done". I can't waste my day, this gift from Him, thinking about that garbage. After all, it's just too much fun to be skating!

Then it gets even more fun!

Perhaps every once in a while I'll get the privilege to see someone from outside the rink look at us skating together, with that unsure look on their face that I wore for so long. Perhaps I can see them finally tear themselves away from the claws of the enemy (invisible to them) and get on the track for the first time.

Oh look at that smile! I told you it was fun!

Oh no! They fell down! (It sure does hurt sometimes let me tell you)

I see Him look at me and give me a nod; He wants me to help them up.


What a responsibility; what a privilege!

May we all learn to skate with Him, and may we all learn to help those who fall trying.

I hope to see you on the rink,

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Lauren said...

AMEN!!! We all need help up once and a while! Matt I really enjoy reading your blogs! Keep them coming!

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