Thursday, April 8, 2010

What a Ride!

The past week has been a roller coaster ride for me; starting off a bit insane, getting a little shaken up, but finally getting back to where I need to be. While I often share my heart on here some issues cross over into others lives that I don’t wish to invade so let’s just say that it was a very stressful Easter weekend; the enemy was at work for sure. In turn it lead to a few days full of anxiety filled aftershocks and crazy mind games. I don’t even need to tell you specifics but I know that all of you have had times of anger, frustration, darkness, worry, etc.

However, though this isn’t really new information, I was able to draw something from this experience that will help me be stronger in the future.

I happen to catch a talk from Joyce Meyer. While I know who she is I haven’t listened to her outside a brief clip here and there. However as I come off my knees in prayer, put my earbuds back in, turn on the radio, I hear her voice (paraphrasing here):
“What are you expecting? Are you living a life wondering when the next bad thing will happen? When the next shoe will fall? What evil or attack will you be faced with next? Or … or are you expecting a life of blessings? Are you expecting to experience His joy, His peace, His strength?”

She talked about living our life on purpose. Talked about how we don’t expect to walk into our closet and our clothes to fly on our bodies, we need to purposefully put them on. Likewise we need to purposefully choose to put on Him.

Then later in prayer and reflection of the Word, I got to thinking back to the holiday weekend and one thing I didn’t do. I didn’t tell Marceen (or myself) verbally (and place it my heart spiritually) that “He’s in control”. Sure, we need to act, and do the things we need to do on our part to protect ourselves and guard against evil, but after we do what we can do, we need to put it in His hands; and be done.

And by perfect design, if we follow that method, it will lead us to a place of peace we all desire.
1) Know that He has complete control.
2) Now, since He has control, you can expect blessings (even if there are trials)
3) Likewise, since He’s in control, and you’re now expecting blessings, you won’t be worrying. You’re in His arms.

Oh so simple and perfect of a design and yet so hard for us controlling humans to master. It is a rollercoaster ride indeed … but it’s not out of control. In fact, it’s under so much control we need to sit back and enjoy the ride. I don’t want to be gripping on the handlebar so tight I don’t see the amazing view that He’s taking me through.


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Margie said...

great post!! our ducks are never in a good enough row. Sometimes, God slams me into where I need to be and sometimes a gentle nudge. Either way, He never leaves us! PRAISE GOD!

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