Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weapons Training

Sometimes a great group discussion can be beneficial not just for the group, but for yourself. As I was talking through an issue recently, something I said really hit home and became more understood then ever before. It's a simple truth, but powerful to really ponder even if you understand the basic theology behind it.

God likes to show us many times how the logic of this world is opposite of the logic of His Kingdom. I shared how as Christians we understand that true power doesn't come through might, but rather full submission to Him. We become the most powerful and bring Him the most glory when we lay our life down at the foot of the cross. Not something the world will parallel in our life here.

We can parallel that with the Holy Spirit, and His power, and how I need to understand that in the same way. While the Spirit dwells within me, I don't "use the Holy Spirit" against the enemy ... the Holy Spirit "uses me". 

We are the tool, not Him. We are most powerful when we come the Spirit in prayer, and let Him lead us as we lay ourself down. "That" is when we can be moved. "That" is when He makes a difference. "That" is how He changes the world.

When we understand that ... and submit ... we become a formidable weapon! Just don't forget Who's actually doing the damage. Pride gets in the way.

Holy Spirit, use me!

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