Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Never Throw Out the Instruction Manual!

To some my answer to the question I am about to ask may seem absurd, while some could relate, and still yet to some it would be conflicting and stirring. Regardless, I just thought I'd share something that passed through my mind a while back and perhaps you can get some thoughts going with this yourself. I was pondering my finances, the issue on the love for money, my growing (yet baby) knowledge of Scripture, the lottery, what (good) I could do with a lot of money, etc, and I came up with a question that I asked myself.

If I could choose one of the two things below (but had to pick one) what would it be?

1) $10,000,000 in cash - *However the catch was that I had to "turn in" all of my Bibles (of any form: printed, electronic, audio, etc.) and would not be allowed to read or reference them for the rest of my life.

* I could however still pray, worship by singing, journal, etc. However I would never be allowed to hold in my hands the Word of God in any form, or even see it, for the rest of my life. And please, no loopholes here like you can have Marceen read it to you aloud! You know what I mean! =)


2) Say no to the $10,000,000 offer and keep my Bibles.

Years ago, I would have taken the money in a second, or at least after a very short time of thought. Today I don't really need time to ponder the answer to my own created question; I'd pass up on the money in a heartbeat.

While I know some can relate, some will think I'm crazy, and that's fine. Even some of my brothers and sisters in Christ may point out that I'm already saved and I know enough of His Truth to stay on His path and to think of the amazing good that I could do with that money. However salvation isn't my point here. It's what "I" need ... Money may give me a quick high, and even a lasting high if I do Kingdom work with it, but His Word is absolutely needed in my daily life.

1) I use it to rock myself to sleep most evenings; peace beyond understanding.
2) Reading together has deepened my marriage beyond measure.
3) It helps me show my children Who they need; and Who they have.
4) It recharges me on my lunch-breaks at work.
5) It exercises my brain as I continue to study deeper, alone and with others.
6) I come to It joyful and leave it filled with even more joy.
7) I come to It in tears and leave it comforted.
8) I come to It with questions, and leave with answers.
9) I come to It as myself ... and leave It as something more.

I could go on and on ...

Keep the dough,

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