Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My weapon ...

Imagine yourself in a battle; physical, emotional, spiritual, etc. I assume you would want your finest weapons at the ready; after all, we all need to be prepared when we are called to fight.

I sat praying last night about one thing, and God pointed me in another direction, as usual to which seemed like the root of what I needed to be praying for at that moment. I began to think of the weapons that I have that can help me in my Spiritual battles. Yes, the Word is the sword of the Spirit but it wasn't that weapon that He wanted me to see. However it was in my room (at that moment anyway). Just behind that door ...

Once you realize the weapon you need to use, wouldn't you dust it off, take care of it, sharpen it? Wouldn't you make sure it was good and ready so when you had to fight the enemy it could be with you?

We are called to sharpen each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. We are called, as husbands, to wash our wives with the Word, build them up, and love them as Christ loved the church; thus we are expected to lay our lives down for them.

My weapon is my Godly wife.

However if not taken care of, those weapons can become dusty, mistreated, and worst of all, felt unwanted or unneeded.

As I was praying she was sleeping behind those doors. Not just my wife, but also the greatest weapon I can have at my side. Men, we need to take care of our wives ... as Christ takes care of us.

Father, may I never forget the amazing gift (and weapon against the enemy) that you gave me here on this spinning rock. Help me to learn to encourage more, critique less, give more, take less, and continue to build her up with your Word, prayers, and love. Thank You for Your Grace, and undeserved gifts.


Margie said...

DUDE! Great post! haven't been here in awhile!

Anonymous said...

and yet I suffer

Matthew said...

Thanks Margie! I took a break from writing myself anyway.

... and as for the other remark on suffering (not sure if the responder meant to respond to this or my other post on suffering) but it is indeed a struggle.

From a marriage perspective (regarding this post) I think that is why it is so critical that each have foundation in Christ (in heart, not just mind). I can't imagine where I would be in my marriage if I made it about just me and my 'feelings'. I know my own weaknesses would have pushed us apart. I'm so blessed to have the wife I do so that through the storms we're still on the same page.

As far as suffering in general (my other post)... well ... I certainly have my struggles to say the least ... my focus is now on making sure that the issues that 'will' come won't get me off balance for too long if at all ... I just need to give it to Him as soon as it comes to me ... that instant transfer of burden is obviously impossible for us, though not Christ. However we're called to have that as our goal ...

I think if we're all honest (as we all like to put on a good front), we each have battles and suffer ... but we're not meant to do it alone ... and not just through Him ... through our brothers and sisters in Christ who can help us stay on His path. It's not about that we suffer, it's about how we suffer.

Matthew said...

Oh, and as a friend mentioned to me it's not just Christians that suffer (re: my other post) ... well, certainly ... but I think (and my main point was) that some people look at me and think that because I seek to make Christ the center of my life that somehow I'm immune or protected... and that's far from the case. However I DO believe that the enemy will seek to destroy either through non-interference (blissful life without God) or interference to drive one towards sin (ultimately faith and trust in one's self) ... just my theories, and we're each most definitely free to choose our own path (and it's my hope that we all choose His), but it's how I feel at this stage in my journey.

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