Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Confused: I’m supposed to do what?

Did you ever have those moments where you think you know what direction you’ve been called, but only to question it down the road? Perhaps you really felt you were acting on obedience from God, but there came a time when you questioned why you were even doing this in the first place? You may ask yourself if it was even His calling after all, or if it was just your own wishes and desires that were coming through. I know I have.

As I was reading Exodus last night I came across a passage that struck me. To backfill, this is when Moses first got the call from God to go free His people. He went and approached Pharaoh for the first time demanding that he set them free. Pharaoh became angry and thus made the slaves work even harder. The slaves began to resent Moses, asking why he did this to them, pointing out how much worse he made the situation … then you read this:

Then Moses turned to the Lord and said, “O Lord, why have you done evil to this people? Why did you ever send me? For since I came to Pharaoh to speak in your name, he has done evil to this people, and you have not delivered your people at all.” (Exodus 5:22-23 ESV)

That’s when I stopped reading and wondered what I would have done in his situation. I wonder if I would have walked away confused, shaking my head, pondering why I even tried. Would I have gotten frustrated, angry, sad, hurt, [fill in the negative emotion], etc. until I finally just gave up on the situation and moved on with my life?

Moses didn’t. He got to experience “the rest of the story” that so often we miss by walking away. It was certainly filled with challenges, but he never lost sight of Who he was doing this for and why.

Far too often I’ve started something that I never finished. Far too often I made commitments only to break them at a later time. Far too often I let conviction stay at conviction, and not let it lead me to repenting. I’m going to change that, now. I want to experience the rest of the story … His story that He wrote for me …

Lord, increase my faith!
Light Your path for me daily
Help me push through confusion to build confidence
Help me exercise spiritually to build trust
Let me never miss the rest of the story, Your story
that you planned for me long before I was born


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Margie said...

great post! I am often confused for a moment and it seems that when my head is spinning like Poltergeist, that is when I am supposed to be still, and listen instead of talking. I'm learning to not let my head spin as much! Thanks for the thoughts! I think I'll be pondering this one!

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