Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Peephole

So here I am, sitting in my hotel room in Tennessee, awaiting my journey home. I'm thinking about the past week, memories, family, waterfalls, cliffs, and yes, my amazing creator. So then I kneel before my bed, seemingly routine at times, and stare forward and see it. The dark room, everyone asleep, and the light pushing it's way in from the door and peephole. It's then that He started pouring words into my heart ...

"Why do you look for Me through a peephole?"

He gives me thoughts of my children, from the 12 year old, to the 3 year old. The experience of a hotel is so exciting, yet so simple. Elevator rides, the pool, heading out in pajamas to grab a cookie from the front desk before bed, having someone make your bed for you, and yes, even getting ice can be exciting for a child!

"Open the door!"

He continues to speak to me about our relationship, amazing what you can hear when you actually stop and listen. I felt like a child in a hotel, locked in the room, unable to just experience the joy that awaited me ... if I could just open the door.

"The door is open"

It wasn't a guilt filled "you-could-be-so-much-more" talk, it was the most loving and exciting talk I've had in a while with Him ... it's time I open that door with a wide eyed grin like one of my kids ... there's a lot to enjoy in this life before my next ... So much for a peephole, anybody have an extra door stop handy? I'm propping this thing wide open! Who's in? :)

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