Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Being Honest ...

Being honest ...

When I think about something that I trust most in this world the first thing that comes to mind is my wife, Marceen. Her commitment to me and this marriage is at the top of my list as to what I truly trust. In my honesty as a Christian, that highlights a problem though doesn't it? Because having said that, I should trust the promise of Christ (salvation & eternity) much more. Yet I (and I'm guessing many others) struggle with "truly" trusting in this, and it shows by the way we live and prioritize our lives (look at your checkbook, look at your calendar, imagine video taping or audio recording every action of yours for a day). If we truly trust in salvation and eternity, why do we continue to store up treasures here on earth and not in Heaven? The most joy I have ever had has been when I had moments of true Christian giving, bonding, fellowship, or support.

What if I was surrounded by people saying this:

"I don't know but I wouldn't trust Marceen if I were you"
"I think she's lying to you, she doesn't love you"
"Love is a feeling, it's not a choice"
"It's your life, make it about you!"
"You're living in a fairy tale, get real, stop being naive"
"It's ok to act the way you act, we're human, and it's human nature"

Imagine daily having people say that to you about whatever it is you trust the most in this world. I know for me it would certainly have an effect on my relationship and trust. And though it would only be what others are saying, not what I would know or feel myself, wrongfully so or not, it would start to play tricks on my mind, it would start to make me "doubt". Perhaps I may even start trying to find satisfaction elsewhere as I wouldn't be able to trust in what I should trust. See where I'm going here?

Well, if you ask me, that's exactly what is happening in this world with Christ, and certainly with His promise of salvation and eternity. It's a fairy tale, it's men twisting words, where's the evidence? The world is so violently against His Word (no matter how much intelligent theological and scientific evidence you throw at it) that what we hear is not the voice of reason; it's the seed of doubt. It's not what is real; it's the lie that is being whispered; and sometimes yelled.

May we learn to joyfully and with great excitement wait for the promise that is ours. And may we each think of something that we trust most in this world, and strive to show Him, ourselves, and this world, that we trust in Him more.

Lord, increase our faith! (Luke 17:5)

In His Joy,


Margie said...

wow! what a great post! I have goosebumps!! I think that's why we're supposed to surround ourselves with people we are equally yoked with! So blessed by your post! I'm adding you to my links!! I got a lot more to read!

Your wife loves you, she's proud of you, and she blesses my life too!!

Iron Chef Matt said...

Thank you for your kind words. She is an amazing woman! You know the people you love the most are the people who see you at your worst. We "all" have bad days, faults, struggles, etc. However other then Him and His Word, Marceen is who pushes me the most towards Him. Her authenticity is not in question at all, she lives for Him. I am a very lucky man! :) ... Anyway, thanks for reading ... I used to journal pen/paper a bit but find this more my style, plus I get to share. More accountability that way for me too! :)

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